Land Buying Process

We at all times strive to maintain unmatched proffessionalism,integrity and diginity. Our Legal contracts are only done through an advocate.

The Process of Buying Land with Sidai Genuine Agency

  1. You identify the property he/she has interest in, either via Social Media platforms, Website, or by visiting our office.
  2. A site visit is arranged and you get to the property to see the features and amenities, location and terrain.
  3. The company drafts you a letter of offer immediately and site visit, which is valid for 7 days maximum, during this period, the parcel you chose will not be sold to any other client.
  4. The Offer Letter gives you time to make a Deposit or Full Purchase Price of the said Land. (Installment Mode goes up to 12 months).
  5.  A Sale Agreement executed immediately upon receipt of your Deposit or Full Amount. This Agreement is legally binding since it is drafted and stamped by a lawyer.

  6.  A TITLE DEED, of the parcel in question is issued within 90 days from the date of completion of the Purchase Price