Sidai Offers Cheapest Incentive to Low Income Earners

When we talk of land we can’t overlook the name Sidai Group which is one of the leading and most trusted companies selling land and properties at the most affordable price that suites even the pocket of a common mwananchi. Sidai Group maintains on its program a variety of land spaces from commercial to residential […]

Choosing between investing in land or house in kenya

Which one is More Lucrative? As times change and priorities change in the course of time, the question of owning a real estate property is seemingly becoming harder to answer. Land has been the prime commodity in real estate investment for a long time. However, focus is slowly shifting in the real estate spectrum and […]

Steps to follow when buying land in kenya

Everyone hopes to own a piece of land somewhere. Its the most valuable fixed asset that you could possibly own today. However, if you are planning to buy a piece of land anywhere in Kenya, there are certain important procedures which you should follow. Here are legal steps to purchase land in Kenya: 1. Searches […]


title deeds

THE PROCESS OF ACQUIRING A TITLE DEED AFTER BUYING LAND A title deed is the most crucial document in land transactions, today we are going to get in-depth on what actually happens before a title deed is legally transferred to your name after you purchase land. What are the documents required From the buyer? Once […]