A title deed is the most crucial document in land transactions, today we are going to get in-depth on what actually happens before a title deed is legally transferred to your name after you purchase land.
What are the documents required From the buyer?
Once one has finished paying for land according to the specified price tag, the title deed transfer procedure should start right away and here are some of the documents that you should give to the previous landowner for them to transfer the title to your name.
A copy of your KRA pin
A copy of your ID
Two passport photos
After giving the above details, they are taken to the land’s office whereby they pass through the clerk for confirmation.
From the clerk, the documents are taken to the registrar’s office for verification, after the registrar approves the documents, they are taken back to the company’s office to confirm if they have any errors.
Once the documents are verified to be error-free they are then sent back to the land’s office and from there it takes only a maximum of three to four weeks for the title deed to be out.

Details Required From A Company

For a company you should bring a copy of the company’s pin and certificate of incorporation, also you need to give the directors documents which include:
A copy of their ID
A copy of the KRA pin
Two passport photos.
Details Required from A Chama.
If you purchase land as a group of people, be it a Chama, couple, or even self-help group, the above documents should be presented by at least a maximum of five members of the group to represent the rest of you.
Once the above documents are collected and taken to the lands office, it will take a maximum of thirty days or less for the title to be out.
This will depend on the county where the land is located

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